Our Give Back Program

Create Hope by Giving Back

Prevent. Rescue. Heal

We believe that all children, no matter where or into what circumstances they’re born, deserve to live in a world that protects them and provides for them. This is why we choose to donate a portion of all profits to Life Impact International, a nonprofit organization striving to raise a generation free from child trafficking, slavery, and exploitation.

When you choose Total Impact Carpet Cleaning in Owensboro, Kentucky, you are helping us provide financial support to children near Myanmar and Thailand, as well as other areas where poverty, natural disasters, and corruption fuel human trafficking. With every dollar donated, a new resource is provided to create hope for a child who desperately needs it.

Impact a child’s life today by choosing Total Impact Carpet Cleaning!

About Life Impact International

Life Impact International operates in the darkest corners of the world, bringing light to some of the 8.1 million children who are trapped in slavery, trafficking, debt bondage, prostitution, pornography, and other illicit activities. We have opened four homes where the displaced and abandoned children of Myanmar, Thailand, Pakistan, and local warzone areas can live in peace and safety, far from the horrors of a life in slavery.

Your Donations Contribute to Life-Saving Resources, Including:

Housing and furnishings for rescued children

Safety features, such as lights, fencing, & cameras

Essential infrastructure, like water & sewage

Rescue resources, including transport vehicles

Medical screenings & care

School supplies & playground equipment

Simple comforts, like bedding, clothes, & teddy bears

Even the smallest donation can have a life-saving impact on a child in need. With every job we complete at Total Impact Carpet Cleaning, we are helping Life Impact International in their mission to create a world without human trafficking.

Donate Directly

Visit Life Impact International to donate directly to this life-saving organization. The money you provide goes to rescuing, feeding, clothing, educating, and building safe homes for orphaned and exploited children who would otherwise becomes victims of human trafficking.