Nowadays people have become very conscious about their environment and its effects on their health. Everyone wants to lead a healthy life but there are a few things related to cleaning that we should consider making our lives healthier. Almost every house has carpeting in their homes. Carpets get dirty over time and they need to get cleaned. The point to ponder is not just about cleaning your carpet. They should be green cleaned carpets. It means that you should get your carpets cleaned with a green cleaning solution which has very eco-friendly, chemicals and clean process, safe for children and pets and dries in just a couple hours.

What is green carpet cleaning?

Green carpet cleaning is safe for family, pets and your home. Very safe ingredients are used in a green cleaning process. Although this cleaning process utilizes 80% less water than other cleaning processes. This means your carpet will not get very wet and will get cleaned and dry in a few hours to get ready to use.

Various types of machines and ingredients are also used to clean carpets. Water is the core ingredient used for carpet cleaning. As we all know that water is a very precious resource. Many areas of the world have very less amount of water available. Those areas also require green cleaning for their carpets to maintain a hygienic environment. The great things about green carpet cleaning are that it uses 3 to 4 gallons on an average for each home and it is far greater beneficial cleaning ingredient than others. Different harmful chemicals are used in different cleaning processes, but green carpet cleaning does not contain any harmful ingredients that may affect your eco-friendly environment.

Effect on your carpet

Green cleaning methods are very advanced and eco-friendly. No soap or chemical ingredient is used to freshen and clean your carpet. It might seem a bit surprising but it’s true that you can have your carpet thoroughly cleaned without any effective detergent involved in the cleaning process. Any chemical used in the carpet cleaning process is non-toxic.

The solutions used in the green water cleaning process are water-based and they are completely removed during the cleaning process. There is no such detergent used in the process that will make your carpet feel sticky or attract any dirt on it. NO STICKY RESIDUE.

Effect on your environment

Using chemicals for any sort of cleaning has become very common. On the contrary, green cleaning is a chemical-free process. It is safe for your family and pets. There are no harmful fumes used in this process.