Our Give Back Program: Life Impact International

Child trafficking is a brutal crime which exploits young boys and girl for various purposes including sex and forced manual labor. Since child trafficking is a money-making business and frequently connected with criminal movements and debasement, it is difficult to tell what number of children suffer. However trafficking is an expanding danger to all children around the globe. Child trafficking is a corrupt practice and the children are often exposed to sexual manipulation or forced labor, for example, agricultural work, domestic servants, factory work, conflict fighting and mining. In other words, child trafficking leads to enslaving children, exploiting them and coercing them so they can never return to their families.

Total Impact Carpet Cleaning is a locally owned business delivering cleaning services to the private, corporate, and residential sector. We will leave your business or home looking, feeling and smelling clean and fresh. Our carpet cleaning service will not just leave your carpets looking new but also create a healthy environment for you to live. Our main priority is absolute customer satisfaction and we strive to fulfill all your requirements. What separates us from our competitors is our cause. We want to serve humanity. There are many private and government organizations in the world that are working against child trafficking. One such organization is Life Impact International. Total Impact Carpet Cleaning has initiated a partnership with Life Impact International which is a not for profit organization doing great effort to bring an end to the exploitation of children through child trafficking. Their insurance specialists work to battle child trafficking through protection, prevention, and action. With the end goal to save innocent children, they work with national and international networks, local governments and local organizations and communities to save the children and reestablish the pride of survivors.

Our partnership will help deliver financial support to save the children in Thailand, Myanmar and other neighboring regions where social and natural problems open doors for child trafficking. By choosing us you are not just choosing to get your house cleaned but you’re helping us clean the wreckage of child trafficking that has penetrated so deep into our society that no child is safe from it.

. Increase awareness of human trafficking.

. Rehabilitate and support survivors to help them reconstruct their lives.

. Secure unaccompanied displaced children and keep them from the grasp of traffickers.

Everyone can make a difference. When you choose us, you choose humanity and you choose to make a difference in a child’s life. You choose to help the cause.  You can help the innocent children restore their lives today. We can do nothing about the way that they were taken and mishandled all around, however, we can do whatever little we can to give them a safe, healthy and happy life where they do not have to worry about someone taking advantage of their innocence.